The decision to divorce your spouse is a difficult & emotional process. Spouses can choose how they want to get divorced – the divorce process is either uncontested/unopposed or contested/opposed.

Uncontested Divorce

It is advisable for spouses to choose an uncontested/unopposed divorce, as there is no formal trial and it is the less expensive divorce process. This divorce process is where both spouses agree on the terms of the divorce and we will draft a settlement agreement/consent paper for both parties to sign. If there are children involved we will also draft a parenting plan.

We offer a fast & affordable online uncontested divorce service for local & international clients. No need for face-to-face consultation, you only appear in Court to finalize the divorce.

Our all-inclusive fee for uncontested divorces are:
Local uncontested divorce is
(Western Cape)
R 12,500
Local uncontested divorce
(if you live in another province)
R 15,500
International uncontested divorce
(if one spouse lives in a foreign country)
R 20,000
  1. We will email you a divorce questionnaire for completion & a mandate confirming the all inclusive fee.
  2. We will attend to the FICA requirements.
  3. Once you make payment of the deposit we will draft and provide you with the draft papers to review & attend to signing with the spouses.
  4. Lastly, we will appear with you on the day of the divorce in Court.
Contested Divorce

A contested/opposed divorce is when spouses are unable to agree on the terms of their divorce. The Court will then decide on the issues in dispute.