We offer legal advice & representation for all maintenance matters:
  • Application for maintenance order
  • Complaints of failure to comply with a maintenance order
  • Substitution or discharge of an existing maintenance order
  • Application for enforcement of a maintenance order
  • Application for interim maintenance pending divorce

Our fee for maintenance matters is time based according to an hourly rate.

Child Maintenance

The obligation to maintain a child rests on both parents to provide for the child’s needs – food, clothing, shelter, education & medical care. The extent of their respective obligations is based on the standard of living, income & means.

Spousal Maintenance

In a marriage, spouses have a reciprocal duty of support. A spouse claiming support has to be in need of it & the other spouse has to be of means to be able to provide it.

Spouses are not automatically entitled to spousal maintenance when divorced (no statutory right to maintenance). The Court has discretionary power to make a spousal maintenance order.

Maintenance Pending Divorce (Interim Relief)

When divorce proceedings are taking a long time to be finalized or when one spouse takes care of the household with no income, an application for interim maintenance can be ordered by the court.