Ante-nuptial Contract

Before getting married it is important for parties to think about what marriage regime they want their marriage to be governed by.

There are 3 marriage regimes in South Africa:
  • In community of property
  • Out of community of property without accrual
  • Out of community of property with accrual

All of the marriage regimes have different financial consequences for the parties & it is important to understand these consequences & make an informed decision.

For the drafting, execution & registration of your ante-nuptial contract, we offer an all-inclusive fee of

R2 900.00
Post-nuptial Contract

You & your spouse can change the legal laws applicable to your marriage by registering a post-nuptial contract.

The legal procedure involves an application to the High Court to request permission to register a post-nuptial contract.

Let us advise & assist you in bringing such an Application.