Criminal Law
(Bail Applications)

Being arrested may just happen when you least expect it. We offer our services when you find yourself in such an unfortunate situation.
After being arrested the law requires that you are brought to the police station as soon as possible & to be detained for no longer than 48 hours before being brought before a court for your first appearance. However, note the 48 hour period does no run over weekends.
You do not have to stay behind bars until brought to court for your first appearance. You have the right to apply for bail pending finalisation of your case if the interests of justice permit your release.
Bail is the sum of money paid to the court or to the police as security that the accused promises to come to court for future hearings of his /her case & agrees that if he/she does not return the money paid as bail may be forfeited to the State.
3 Forms of Bail
Should you require assistance with a bail application, feel free to contact us.